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Dru Breath & Pranayama Coach: Level 2

Develop your Breathwork

Enter the Domain of Pranayama

Level 1 focused predominantly on the physical body by modulating the nervous system to manage your state.  

This next stage focuses on a crucial aspect of our being to help establish comprehensive well-being with more precision—the dimensions of prana and the subtle body.  

Develop further expertise with the potential of Dru breathwork by engaging with prana and pranayama through live sessions, daily practices, new methodologies and insights that enhance your breathwork and coaching toolkit. 

Plus, weekly teaching opportunities will help you fine-tune your coaching skills as well as help forge lifelong friendships with your peers.

Is Level 2 right for you?

  • Longing to progress in your personal practice?
  • Ready to explore the subtler dimensions of breathwork?
  • Feeling stuck integrating pranayama consistently into your routine?
  • Looking for inspiration to finally kickstart your breath coach practice?
  • You’re familiar with pranayama but you don’t feel confident to coach others with it?
  • You seek advanced techniques to be able to offer more personalised sessions to clients?

Should any of these strike a chord with you...Level 2 has been specifically crafted with you in mind 

Here's how it works 

  • 3 Live sessions (60 minutes) with André Hartwich
  • 4 Live hosted teaching practice sessions (60 minutes) in which you have the opportunity to practice putting your breath coaching skills into action
  • Daily morning (+/- 20 minutes) and end of day practices (+/- 10 minutes) for a total of about 30 minutes of daily practice
  • 20 recorded sessions digging deeper into the various concepts and practices for a total of about 5 hours of content you continue to have access to
  • Regular Q&A sessions to reinforce and clarify everything you've learned
  • Access to our course Telegram channel in which you can engage with your fellow students
  • Templates, habit trackers, and other support material for you to download and use
  • 15+ pranayamas and breathing techniques including Bhuta Shuddhi pranayama, Pakti pranayama, Soma pranayama, various mudras, 5 prana vayu meditations, shat-kriyas, pranayama pre-practices, and more ...

Dates: May 4th, 2024 - June 1st, 2024 

The live sessions are recorded and available for replay on your course portal 

10:00 AM –11:00 AM (UK) Live Sessions

  • Session 1: May 4th 
  • Session 2: TBA 
  • Session 3: June 1st

 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM (UK) Live Hosted Teaching Practices

  • Session 1: May 9th 
  • Session 2: May 16th 
  • Session 3: May 23rd
  • Session 4: May 30th

This course provides 25 CPD points.

To participate in level 2 you need to have gone through the level 1 training. 

Payment options

To pay for the course in full please select the relevant option based on whether you are a DPN (Dru Professional Network) member or not.

We also have the option available to pay for the course over 3 payments.

This equates to a first payment of £125 followed by two monthly payments of £200/£212 (non-DPN member). (Please select the £125 fee option when booking)

If you have any further questions about this course please email us at


[{"id":"62f962cd-0970-44bb-aaa8-dbbf30b0ee78","name":"Standard","price":549},{"id":"a5790709-ac96-49c7-914d-42f837a2ffc2","name":"DPN","price":525},{"id":"69052a0c-d64d-4cb0-b736-fd4b089d6245","name":"L2 Payment Plan","price":125}]

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